Tantra massage Prague

Tantric massage in Prague – it’s a special, sophisticated type of massage, that allows men and women to express their love to each other. Tantric massage combines the healing techniques of the ancient Indian practice and amenities prelude, accelerates sexual energy – libido – all over the body, to your fingertips.

After all, in accordance with the ideas of tantra (and modern scholar agree with them) whole human body – is one big erogenous zone. The main thing is the ability to activate possibility to enjoy every touch of partner. Power of erotic pleasure depends on mood, concentration on what is happening here and now. Tantric massage depends on the full confidence to each other – openness to another partner opens all the chakras and allows to perceive everything more keen. After all, people differ from animals with their sexual behavior not depending on instinct and cyclic periods, but depending primarily on psychological state, and main erogenous zone – it is brain.

During tantric massage in Prague our professional masseuse will help you to tune on occuring, cozy and relaxing atmosphere – aromatic oils, subdued light, flickering candles, comfortable bed – all this will contribute to forget troubles, which you will leave outside the door of salon.

Tantra massage Prague in our salon allows you to feel every cell of your body and body of masseuse. A Tantric massage is realized by both hands and some parts of body of masseuse. All motions are soft and very perceptible. A Tantric massage is directed to freeing your sexual energy and maximal emancipation. According to the studies of Tantra, only in connection with a partner a person can focus his or her energy on connection with the whole world and get a harmony. During the massage, the energy of yin and yang mutually flow from one body to another, enriching each other. You feel how heat spread on all your body from the touch of masseuse, and erotic pleasure collects a power and lasts surprisingly long. Highlight a couple of hours of your precious time to Tantric massage in Prague, spend it in the company of our charming masseuses. After this massage you will be completely updated, full of energy and ready to act!