An erotic massage as a love confession

There are a lot of kinds of erotic massages, but they have many in common. Giving satisfaction, sexual excitation, strenghtening of health. It uses mostly caressing, rubbing, fondling and kisses.¨
The very first erotic massage was documented in China, even though many presume, that the country where the erotic massage originates is India. The technique was well guarded and passed only to chosen ones. Japan was the first country where ice cubes started to be used during an intimate massage and this technique is used until today. And of course, whe can’t forget the tantric massage which includes the traditional ways, but also some elements from surrounding countries techniques.
To please a man with an erotic massage, you don’t have to be professional in this area, a kind girl in the right mood can do it following few advices.
Firstly it’s important to make the partner relaxed. Start with caressing the hands and legs, especially around toes, thumbs, most men love that. Continue with caressing the back. Don’t make the man sleep, so change the speed and intensity of moves, use kisses. You can make it even more passionate with the bottom massage and the massage of the neck and ears.
Continue with the massage of the chest, the belly and the intimate parts. Don’t squish, don’t press, be gentle. Focus on his breath, if it gets faster, you’re doing it right. Play with his penis and testicles, but don’t focus only on them, or you will end the massage too soon with orgasm or sex.
The erotic massage isn’t good only to relax, it’s often used to stimulate, especially when your partner isn’t young already and needs your help to reach erection. It’s a great way to explore your partner’s body, get to know perfectly his erotic zones, it gets you closer psychically and it’s an amazing way to spend free time.
An erotic massage in our salon in Prague – that’s a great opportunity to enjoy an erotic massage in couple. You, your partner and two masseuses of your choice. You will be well relaxed and you can learn how the professional masseuses perform the massage and then try it in private.