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Our gentle and temperamental masseuses will please you with their skill!

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Erotic massage Prague The beauty and sensuality – two things always attract the attention of both men and women.

In our salon of erotic massage Prague, you will find it and something more.The beauty of our girls, their high level of massage professionalism – all of this you can enjoy in our salon.
Erotic massage Prague – a holiday for lovers of refined pleasures. All shades of sexual pleasure that you will experience will broaden your understanding of the erotic. The healing effect of massage in our salon will make you feel refreshed. Our gentle and temperamental masseuses will delight you and will make any massage of your choice.
In daily worries, do not forget to pamper yourself, come to our salon of erotic massage in Prague and experience the sensual pleasure!

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Massages Come to our salon of erotic massage in Prague and experience the whole delights of sensual pleasure!

In our salon of erotic massage you can choose massage to your taste, we offer the following massages:

  • Erotic massage is not only pleasant, but also useful.
  • Nuru massage in Prague - a flexible and slender body of a masseuse.
  • Role-playing games - diversify your sex life.
  • Tantric massage is a refined kind of massage.
  • Lesbi show - one of the most exciting spectacle for a man.
  • Massage of the prostate is an inexpressible sexual experience.
  • Lingam massage is the observance of all tantric traditions.
  • Massage at your home - the export service of our beautiful masseuses.

Erotic Massage in Prague +420 228 886 662 Popular massages in our salon

Tantra massage

Tantra massage

Tantric massage in Prague – it’s a special, sophisticated type of massage, that allows men and women to express their love to each other.

Tantric massage combines the healing techniques of the ancient Indian practice and amenities prelude, accelerates sexual energy – libido – all over the body, to your fingertips.
After all, in accordance with the ideas of tantra (and modern scholar agree with them) whole human body – is one big erogenous zone. The main thing is the ability to activate possibility to enjoy every touch of partner. Power of erotic pleasure depends on mood, concentration on what is happening here and now.

Nuru massage

Mysterious Nuru massage Prague, is also known as Body Thai massage. This Nuru massage is done with flexible and slender body of masseuses.

The name “ Nuru “is coming from the Japanese word “nori” – this type of algae is part of the gel, which is used for massage. And this combination – an incredibly exciting body of masseuse, moving on your body, plus a healing effect nori’s algae, as a result give a lot of pleasure and revitalizing effect. Nuru massage in Prague, as well as around the world, is gaining popularity thanks to health-giving effects and pleasure. But this kind of massage is so popular, we invite you to our erotic massage salon, because our masseuses are practicing Nuru massage for a long time and do it professionally. You will not be able to mix up Nuru massage in Prague in our salon with any other massage!

Nuru massage
Role playing

Role playing

Even if your sex life is harmonious and active, sometimes you want to try something new and exciting.

Role playing in Prague in our salon, with the most beautiful and seductive girls – masseuses – with the bright acting skills, make you believe in the reality of what is happening and you will experience the same feel as skydiving or rafting. But if extreme sexual roleplay – it’s not what you are looking for, our masseuses will be for you the most tender Lolitas, waiting for you, to seduce them. Role playing will bring to your life exactly what you are missing.
Imagine that you can be a strict and fair cop, who has caught in the act seductive thief.

Prostate massage

For men who want to expand their sexual experience and at the same time take care of their health.

Prostate massage Prague fits perfectly. Stimulation of prostate gland is a cancer prevention. Also, this prostate massage will give a great effect on erection, and you will be able to restore erectile function.
Those of our guests who will try prostate massage at first time, we want to spare doubt and anxiety about the possible discomfort associated with such a delicate massage area. Our professional masseuses will provide you a complete relaxation of the whole body and complete pacification, to provide the most comfortable feeling and healing effect.

Prostate massage

Choose a masseuse of the day Popular masseuses in our salon



height 168 cm, weight 54 kg, bust size – 2

Angelica is an attractive refined and charming girl. She is very playful and sexy with a responsive character, warm hands and lips, like a rose ! Angelica came to us recently, but has already managed to conquer our loyal customers! Time goes completely unnoticed with her, and you want more and more !

Intelligence, education, tact and sensitivity performance in any massage – it is what sets this girl. We call her „the Marquise of the Angels“, although she is brunette. But she is so charming that you will remember the moments, which you spent with her forever, believe me!


22 years old, height 170 cm , weight 54 kg, bust size – 1

Janka – is a delicate fragile girl, who can give you a true pleasure.

The girl is very emancipate and she knows how to give pleasure to man and at the same time to experience it herself.

Try sensual massages by Yanka: tantric, Nuru massage or prostate massage!



Tereza, 22 years old, height 175 cm, weight 62 kg, breast 2

Tereza – an amazing girl who knows, how to find a common language with any guest. Teresa knows how to please, and make your massage unforgetable . Role play and Tantric massage in her performance – is perfect!

Tereza will be able to show you the real art of gentle touches and kisses. Try erotic massage by Teresa now!


28 years old, height 180 cm, weight – 64 kg, breast size – 3

Olga – professional model and stripper, she has also studied massage techniques with great skills and will provide for you classic massage, as well as the most gentle body massage for your relaxation..

Olga – very intelligent, subtle, elegant and well-educated. Talking with her will bring you untold pleasure. As well as her exciting and perfect body. Only shower together with this girl can bring you into an ecstasy. Believe me, you will not go wrong, if you order erotic massage, Nuru massage or Tantric massage performed by beautiful Olga!

Olga Dejvická 1, Praha 6. +420 228 886 662

Erotic massage salon in Prague operates 24 hours a day!
Note: If you are booking a visit to our salon in less than 24 hours prior to your visit to us, please call us at: +420 228 886 662, and if you book in advance visiting hours, more than 24 hours, write to us by e-mail
In our salon Erotic massage Prague you can pay by credit card.

If you are a visitor in Prague, taxi is your easiest way to get here . Just tell the driver “Oolitsa Dayviska, chislo yedno (Deivitska street,1, Praha 6) and he’ll take you to the Club. If your are a group of 3 or more – the cab fare from anywhere in Prague is on us!
The Club is located in Prague 6 close to historic city center in Mala Strana neighborhood next to Prajski Hrad between Dejvicka and Hradčanská subway stations.
If you walk from Hradčanská Subway station (green line A) it is about 200 meters. Cross tram rails, make a left, go to Dejvicka Street and right on the corner of Dejvicka и Vaclavkova you’ll see TANTRA- CLUB ad. Here you are!
A walk from Dejvicka Subway station will take you a little longer (about 10 minutes). From Kulatyag you have to take Dejvicka Street and keep walking all the way till you reach Number 1. Our TANTRA CLUB ad is at the corner of Dejvicka и Vaclavkova.
If you are a local resident you do not need detailed explanations, however the following information might be useful for you as well.