Relaxing massage in Prague

Lets talk about a relaxing massage for health and satisfaction. If you feel tired every evening and you don’t feel fresh while getting up in the morning, there is a great cure to it – a sauna and a massage. You will find both in Julia Varra’s Tantra club – a sauna, massages and you can also meet nice people, who came to take rest as you did. There are regular lessons in our club, where is an equal amount of men and women. The guests learn to do an erotic, tantric and relaxing massage: first of all they make pairs, dressed only in a blanket or erotic underwear and practise the massage together. All this with guidance of experienced tantra instructors.
How to perform a good massage? Firstly make a massage of shoulders. It should include caressing, spreading and kneading, repeat every task about ten times to reach relaxation. The best way to reach the right mood and readiness for the massage itself is by caressing. Then continue the massage from shoulders to the lower part of neck, to the ears and slowly with the same move from the ears back.
After the shoulder massage follows the head massage, where we proceed from nape to the top of the head and back. Gently pinch from left and from right from the spine to shoulder blades. If the man is naked, you can continue the same way to the lower back. If you perform the massage during a noon break, this will be enough. During the pinching remember that the massage has to be more gentle the way low, than in the upper parts.
After pinching you can proceed to spreading, when you follow the same path as during pinching along the spine and caressing the shoulders area. The tasks have to be performed with sufficient intensity, but not roughly. The relaxing massage in Prague has to bring relaxation, not pain. After spreading pass to shoulders kneading, use only one palm, hold the person with the other hand.
After performing complex caressing and spreading the body will be relaxed and you can proceed to the final phase. If the massage was active in the beggining, choose gentle touches at the end. After kneading just spread continuously and pass to gentle caressing. Caress shoulders, the neck, the nape and the head. Don’t interrupt the massage! It’s even better to lenghten it with erotic fondling in tantric style – it’s why the guests some to our club!