Nuru massage Prague

Mysterious Nuru massage Prague, is also known as Body Thai massage. This Nuru massage is done with flexible and slender body of masseuses. The name “ Nuru “is coming from the Japanese word “nori” – this type of algae is part of the gel, which is used for massage. And this combination – an incredibly exciting body of masseuse, moving on your body, plus a healing effect nori’s algae, as a result give a lot of pleasure and revitalizing effect. Nuru massage in Prague, as well as around the world, is gaining popularity thanks to health-giving effects and pleasure. But this kind of massage is so popular, we invite you to our erotic massage salon, because our masseuses are practicing Nuru massage for a long time and do it professionally. You will not be able to mix up Nuru massage in Prague in our salon with any other massage!

Technique of the Nuru massage differs from other types of massage, that almost all of it is based on the massage movements by naked masseuse. She will grease not only you, but herself too and this show will give you a lot of visual pleasure. Gel for Nuru massage perfectly moisturize your skin and will help to eliminate toxins from the body, it doesn’t smell and has no taste, so nothing distracts your attention, you will not be disturbed, and you can completely surrender to the feel of the Nuru massage in Prague. The tactile sensation of the gel become more sensitive and you will feel the slightest touch of body of masseuse. During Nuru massage girl will slip on your body with her tummy, breasts, buttocks, and the best thing you can do – give yourself up to the flow and enjoy the process. The entire surface of your body will be covered by the waves of pleasure, during Nuru massage in Prague every part of your body will not remain indifferent to pleasure.

Nuru massage, as we have said, has come to us from the East, and all of Eastern practices don’t have a strict division into physical and spiritual – the two are intertwined so tightly that only their combination allows transmit the full range of sensations. And Nuru massage in Prague – is no exception. Masseuse, who makes this massage very emotional and open, it transmits to you not only with beauty and warmth of her body, she magnetizes you with flow of her sexual energy.