Prostate massage Prague

For men who want to expand their sexual experience and at the same time take care of their health, prostate massage Prague fits perfectly. Stimulation of prostate gland is a cancer prevention. Also, this prostate massage will give a great effect on erection, and you will be able to restore erectile function.

Those of our guests who will try prostate massage at first time, we want to spare doubt and anxiety about the possible discomfort associated with such a delicate massage area. Our professional masseuses will provide you a complete relaxation of the whole body and complete pacification, to provide the most comfortable feeling and healing effect. And of course, all our masseuses are so adorable and sexy, that with this approach, you not only get effective treatment procedure, but also you will get erotic pleasure from affecting on sensitive areas of anus.

How the prostate massage looks like? At first, for your total relaxation masseuse starts with a light sensual massage on the back, legs, buttocks, and then leads to pelvic area, then she is massaging the area around the anus, and then very gently penetrates her fingers into your anus and makes massage from the inside. To ease these actions masseuse lubricates her fingers with lubricant gel, so you will not feel any discomfort sensations, on the contrary, the thrill of prostate massage will be enjoyable. This massage acts directly on the prostate gland. But as you know, female and male anus has many nerve endings, so the feeling of the actions of our professional masseuse will be very enjoyable. On the surface of the prostate gland is also very many nerve endings, and when the sensual pleasure reaches the peak and orgasm will be soon, the prostate gland increases in size and swells. Masseuse feels it and intensify stimulation, thanks to this your orgasm will be so bright and extends over the entire area from the genitals to the anus that you will not forget it ever!

Prostate massage in Prague will allow you to discover the brand new, incredible sexual experience. Prostate gland can be seen as a man’s G-point. If you going to relax, you will get the most pleasure from prostate massage in our salon of erotic massage in Prague