Role playing

Even if your sex life is harmonious and active, sometimes you want to try something new and exciting. Role playing in Prague in our salon, with the most beautiful and seductive girls – masseuses – with the bright acting skills, make you believe in the reality of what is happening and you will experience the same feel as skydiving or rafting. But if extreme sexual roleplay – it’s not what you are looking for, our masseuses will be for you the most tender Lolitas, waiting for you, to seduce them. Role playing will bring to your life exactly what you are missing.

Imagine that you can be a strict and fair cop, who has caught in the act seductive thief. YOU MUST arrest and prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. But the girl is so scared the thought of prison, that she was ready to do anything so that you forgive her. And here it is given to you in the handcuffs in your police car !

Or you are in a high school and you seriously offended – foiled exam. What kind of punishment teacher will do with you ? Maybe you ‘ll have to make an hour erotic massage and fulfill all her wishes, if only she did not call to your parents? You do not mind – because your teacher is very sexy -her lush breasts always attract you in the classroom. Role playing in Prague still can surprise you! And if you get sick, our nurse should definitely come to you and will treat you with all means at hand, and not disdaining her own fingers, which she will make you a prostate massage. Whatever role you choose, you – the director and actor all rolled into one ! Role playing “hot nurse and patient” – a classic of the genre, never be outdate.

Role-play with masseuses of our salon will be an unforgettable erotic entertainment for you.

After all, we are all in the soul- little children, and improvisation in the game – it is the most direct and lively interaction with the person, which is available to us. Sexologists often recommend the role-playing as an excellent means of returning to partners a sense of novelty and excitement in sex. So nice sometimes to imagine that your partner – not the one, whom you know from all sides: smell and behave, and sometime completely act differently, novel and exciting. In our salon of erotic massage your partners in the role play will be truly unexplored and sexy strangers, which stir up your imagination!