Erotic massage in Prague – how to make it right?

Every lady would like to please her partner and to surprise him with great erotic massage. The base is patience and perceptiveness, because every man is enjoing by erotic massage more progress than the end. If a lady decides to give erotic massage, she must assure herself that nobody will disturbe them during that massage and each of them will get in the end what desires.

How to make your partner ready for erotic massage?

1. A man must take a bath. The reason is to make him relaxed.

2. The atmosphere should to be relaxing, so dim lights in a room, set a nice music and light aromatic candles.

3. Massage oil it is your friend now – its smell has to be not too much strong and sweet , otherwise it will draw attention of your partner away. U can buy oils which are exactly for men, for example in sexshops are getable. Erotic desire arouse oils with citrus, mint, jasmine or rose etc.

Gentle and seducing erotic massage starts always from back. Any rush is useless, touches have to be slow ans voluptous. We do it by circles around shoulders, low back, loins and sides of body.

After that we massage nape and back of the neck. We use one hand only, which will slide after around spine while we can use nails little bit as well. With motion up and down we take care about shoulders, back and loins again.

After we turn our partner over and we start with erotic massage of his penis and balls. No rush, we play slowly, otherwise our partner will be not able to stand it and he will want to go in bed immediately. But it is usual end of erotic massage .)

The partners can make erotic massage by themselves or to come for professional erotic massage to our salon, what can be more exciting. The erotic massage for couple will bring you new emotions and felings and your mutual desire will come with new fire again!