Unusual types of erotic massage

A massage – it’s one of the most pleasant ways to spend your free time, isn’t it? And if you imagine that the person to give you the massage is a beautiful naked woman, the pleasure is doubled.

A bamboo massage

This new kind of massage came from bamboo plantation in south-easterly Asia. What makes this massage exclusive is using various bamboo tools of different sizes meant fort different body parts, including face.

In combination with the use of bamboo butter it’s possible to reach extraordinary muscle relaxation with long term effect. A bamboo massage also works as a lymph drainage, because it has calming, draining and in the same time stimulating. This massage is ideal for sportsmen and women with problems with cellulite and swelling of legs. The bamboo butter increases elasticity of skin and nourishes it.

If you want to try a very efficient erotic massage, a bamboo massage should be your choice. A bamboo massage is not recommended if you are really skinny or suffer with varix.

The massage effect:

  • 1. Muscle relaxation
  • 2. Prevention and stopping of cellulite
  • 3. Overall relaxation and satisfaction
  • 4. Psychical stress relief

A water erotic massage

A water massage – this massage is performed under water by streams of various intensity, stimulates blood circulation and makes the body relaxed. That’s why it’s unique. From the beggining of the 20th century its popularity rises and its therapeutic effect has been confirmed.

Besides the fact that the massage is very exciting in erotic way, it’s a medical procedure when you relax and vibrating water streams of various intensity remove your pain.

It’s used in case of motion apparatus diseases, it helpes against vein insufficiency, varix, posttraumatic states, insomnia, depressions and stress and also chronical fatigue syndrom, blood circulation malfunctions, digestive problems, metabolic malfunctions etc. It will give you back good mood, beautiful skin, strenghten your immunity, and it’s also very efficient against seasonal ailments.

A water erotic message helps to restore healthy beautiful appearance and great feeling. With hydromassage you will get all massage pros possible and the combination of a beautiful naked female body next to your naked body under water streams is simply irresistible. Especially when it’s ended with sexual satisfacion.

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