Tantric massage in Prague

Tantra is a quite radical indian doctrine about sexual culture and knowledge based on intimacy and harmony. The word ‚tantra‘ itself comes from knowledge expansion and its re-assembling in one harmonic complex percieved by a man depicted as the god Shiva, and a woman as the goddess Shakti.

A tantric massage, as an individual doctrine and a preparation for sexual practises, dates back to the era of a primitive communal society in India, then it represented a complex of knowledge and practical habits, until the time of arrival of the first Aryan races. Then tantra and science became to influence and complete each other, both in theory and practise.

Nowadays, tantra is designated for those who understand that it doesn’t matter for how long do you know each other, because during a tantric massage everything is as for the first time. And thanks god that every time you decide for a tantric massage the time will belong only to the two of you – you will turn off the phone ringtone, the TV, you will entrust your children to grandfathers, grandmothers or aunts, animals to friends. It will be the time only for you, when, and that’s nescessary, you will focus on yourself and your feelings. And don’t search for any selfishness in it.

A tantric massage has to be well prepared and then everything will be different than until that time. Change the appearance of the room, use soft blankets, pleasant scent, aromatic lamps or candles. Put the final touches with the music of Far East and your own love temple will be done, and you will stand there.

Already during the preparation on a tantric massage, you will feel a pleasant excitation and shivers from the expectation of the evening and what will follow – making love and caressing and you will feel a flow of sexual energy already from this. Start your foreplay on a different place than in usual bed – in the kitchen, bathroom etc. Don’t forget to prepare a light and well prepared snack to refill your forces – nuts, cheeses, oriental sweets and red wine.

Prepare a bath where a man – god Shiva – can wash and caress his goddess Shakti. Lay candles around the bath and perfume the bathroom. There is only one restriction here in this moment, and that’s to talk to your lover about all the horrors of everyday stereotype, because you would kill all the magic and excitation of the moment for sure. Tell only the words of tenderness and love.

After the bath, dry each other with towels and start with the massage, use aromatic oils. That will make you closer, tune you to the same wavelenghts, get you rid of the everyday fatigue and stress. Then you can fluently pass to the secret of making love itself in the spirito f tantra and its philosophy.

Those of you who want to try tantric massage and to learn to perform it, come to our massage salon and our beautiful experienced masseuses will reveal you the secret of this ancient art.