Nuru massage in Prague
Nuru massage in Prague erotic massage salon – a very special pleasure. Regular visitors of massage salons appreciate this massage for subtle pleasure that it brings. There is no explicitly sexual acts, and not too intense massage movements – rubbing, the capture of the skin and subcutaneous fat, but there is a special lightest touch that are so palpable that seemed to penetrate the skin.

If you are looking for the most sensual massage which is available in our massage menu, we recommend you stop your choice on Nuru massage in Prague. This massage is derived from a Japanese massage, which is in contact nudity masseuse and guest of salon. Nuru in Japanese means “slippery” and this massage is really slippery. Contact between your body and body of seductive beauty masseuses creates a sensual atmosphere, which stimulates all of your erogenous zones from head to toe. Our talented girls know exactly where and how to touch you to have a unique experience of the Nuru massage in Prague.

This massage was quite a rarity before our massage salon offered it to residents and visitors. Our guests appreciate the soft algae gels that used in the Nuru massage in Prague. At the beginning of the massage girl will apply lukewarm gel on herself and your body, and then gently rub the gel over the entire surface of the body. Once you’re covered Nuru gel, masseuse slides her beautiful body on your body to create a sensual pleasure. This massage is so exciting that it would be unfair to leave you flushed after that – at the end of Nuru massage in Prague masseuse gently will help you get a discharge. It is also a very healthy and useful massage, because algae are known for their cleansing and detoxifying properties. In addition to the massage, you get a full spa treatments – herbal extracts in Nuru gel perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin. After Nuru massage in Prague, your skin will be smooth, revitalized and breathable. Many visitors of the salon happy to use this additional advantage. Come to us and try it out!