How to make a relaxing massage to a man

There’s really noone who doesn’t like a massage. Of course, you can meet people, who will say, that they don’t like massages and that its unpleasand for them. It means that they didn’t have a massage relaxing muscles and relieving tension yet. You should do such massage to your lover and he will be happy to give it back to you for sure.

So what is a relaxing massage and how to perform it? You usually expect a massage of shoulders, nape and head for overall relaxation and fast power restoration. If you don’t know how to do it, you don’t have any experiences, it doesn’t matter, you can start with simple caressing.

It’s usually told that during a massage, it’s important to lay properly with arms alongside your body. That’s right, but not always. A good massage starts with inner peace of the person performing the massage, namely the woman who intends to make a massage to her lover. How to get to the right mood? Imagine that your partner is reincarnated into a deity and his body is a saint relic confided to the masseuse’s care. And your mood should correspond to it.

The woman will be uplifted above all the everyday problems and routine and she will focus only on her partner. It’s important to remove the jewelery that could scratch or disturb in any other way. A touch has to be gentle and fluent, deffinitely not cold and rough, even if it was a familiar person.

The base of a good relaxing massage is continuity. In other words, if you already started, don’t interupt the contact with the man’s body in any case. It’s because of the fact that the man’s body – the divine relic confied to you – is now fully open to new feelings and devoted to it. If you interupt the massage, nothing really happens, but you will disturb the close contact between you and the person you make ther massage to.

You can have such a relaxing massage in our massage salon in Prague – your partner will let the hands of our masseuses pamper him and you can carefully watch every move, so you could make a massage to your man on your own next time.