A hot stone erotic massage

We all heard about a massage with hot stones, it’s often used by spa salons that promiseus skin rejuvenation and other positive effects. So how does this technique work?

It’s proved that a hot stone massage comes from Tibet, they believed that with heat from a stone a person accepts satisfaction, moderateness and power. It’s used for already more than five centuries and it’s classified as a healing massage.

There are two ways to perform the massage:

The first technique works with black stones that are warmed up to certain temperature. The most used are lava stones with ideal smooth surface in order not to hurt the skin. A hot stone massage increases blood flow in skin and provably improves blood and lymph circulation, body is more oxygenated, which has overal positive impact on organism.

The second technique uses white stones that are not warmed, they are cooled down and that’s why they are mostly made of marble. This massage with the help of cold stones removes inflammations and decreases spain in muscles.

Some salons use porous stones that remove dead skin layers and that makes skin smooth and soft.

The massage is sometimes performed also with precious stones, but very rarely, because it’s expensive. It’s based on the fact that each precious stone has its energy and that affects certain centers of our body.

If an erotic hot stone massage is performed in our massage salon in Prague, the atmosphere is adapted – the lights are dimmed and traditional instrumental music plays to reach the maximal pleasure.

In everymassage salon wherethey are offeringthismassagetheyhave a specialdevice to warmthestones up to neededheat. That’susually44 – 55 °Caccording to a rule thatthetemperatureof a stone has to be14-15 °Chigherthatthetemperatureofthe body ofthe person thatistakingmassage.

Before th emassage the masseuse covers your body with a special oil which increases healing effect even more and it will make your feeling from the massage even more pleasant. Then stones are put along side the spine and the masseuse starts to massage body parts, usually starting with feet and continuing higher.

After a well performed erotic hot stone massage in our salon in Prague, you will feel great and it will lift you rmood. And naked attractive masseuses will guarantee your pleasure until orgasm. Smooth hands of a masseuse will take care of your body and their heat won’t be any less pleasant than the heat of the stones.